OfficeNewcastle Chiropractic Centre first opened its doors in 1965 with Dr’s John & Gerd Dickins as owners.  Both graduated as Doctors of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, USA, which is as the fountain head of chiropractic and offered the most respected and prestigious program at the time.

Sadly, they were forced to abandon their growing practice when John became ill.  They returned to his native England where he passed away and Gerd established a new home and practice.

Dr’s Nola & Frank Smith, again both Palmer Graduate, bought the practice in 1971 and built it into a very successful centre with a solid ‘can do with low fuss’ reputation.  Many loyal patients remain to this day and call in for an adjustment or spine check when needed.

In 1996 ownership went to Dr Daniel Danuser, the first Australian trained chiropractor at Newcastle Chiropractic.  He graduated from what is now RMIT University, winning several awards to academic excellence.

He originally joined the Smith’s practice in 1988 as an associate but left in 1991 for further studies and travels overseas.  Upon his return Frank Smith retired while the hugely popular Nola continued to work part time.

In 2002 Dr Chris Denham joined the by now fully refurbished clinic.  He was the first Macquarie University Master’s Degree chiropractor at Newcastle Chiropractic.

He had practiced in Taree for two years before returning to his home town where he and his family are well known.

In 2005 Dr Jessica Cross, from Wellington in western NSW, joined to mark the Centre’s 40th year in service to the local community.

In 2007 Dr Astrid Ramsden, from Sydney, became the next new graduate to take up a position at the clinic.

This permitted Chris to take extended leave and travel the world and have a working holiday in Ireland.

In 2009 Dr Kimberly Richter jointed the practice.  She graduated from the Canadian Memorial College of Chiropractic in Toronto, Canada and came to Australia for work and travel.

In her footsteps followed Dr Yong Sung Choi in 2011.  He had grown up in Busan, South Korea’s second largest city, but studied and graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney.

In 2013 Dr Gareth Hood from Narrabri joined the clinic after a two year period of work in Narrabri and Adelaide.

In 2015 Dr Rachael Farrell started work at Newcastle Chiropractic following the completion of her studies at Macquarie University and much travelling.

Rachael, like Chris, was born and raised in Newcastle and very much enjoys being back in her home town where she has a large network of family and friends and plays hockey for Central.